Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions...


I know its no fun but we do need some general terms & conditions for all eventualities!


Do you have a price list?

Its hard to have a set price list - therfore if you hover your mouse above any photo on my website it will tell you how much this item cost.   Adding or tweeking our stationery may alter the price either way.


How long do you take to answer my questions?

All emails are answered in the order they are recieved - I try to answer all emails as soon as I can, however if its a busy day, please bare with me.


When do I pay for my order?

All orders must be paid for and confirmed before any work will commence on them.


How do I pay?

I have deliberately not got a direct shopping cart on my website as each order is different, so once we have discussed your requirements, I will guide throughout on price to ensure we are working on budget.

Once we have finalised all the details, and I have given you the final price you can pay by cheque or bank transfer.  Paypal is also accepted but with paypal fees added on.


Do you check the information I give you?

When you send me your information, I will highlight anything I identify as incorrect or amendments required, however you are responsible for making sure you spell your venue,  guest names and street names and towns correctly as this is not something I would be able to identify as clearly.

Once I have checked through, I also ask you to make a final THOROUGH check... and once you give me this final confirmation you are confirming you are taking responsibility for any typos or mistakes I have missed... no matter how big or small they may be.  If I make any typos and you check it over and confirm the proof is ok to print, by confirming you are also accepting responsibility for this mistake.


What happens if I receive my order and there is a mistake inside?

If this is a mistake which you have given confirmation to, then I will happily recitify this for you, but at your cost.

If I make a mistake which is not confirmed by you, then of course without a doubt I will re-make and re-send to you completely free of charge.


How do you post my order to me?

I post using a next day delivery courier.  This is a trusted service and I have a fantastic communication network to track and trace your parcel should anything untoward happen to it.

I send all our parcels on a next day service, however if for any reason they do not delivery next day - for any reason this may be, I am  not held responsible and will not refund your delivery back to you. However as I send them via a tracked courier, you can track and trace them online.


Do you guarantee Card Colours?

Card colours can not be guranteed to last for ever - you can reserve the card you like for your future orders - this costs £25 and this is then deducted from your order total when you order is placed.


Also card colours can look different to the photos in real life.


Will my stationery look identical to that in the photos?

Each item is bepoke, so each item differs... when we are discussing your stationery, I will run many options by you, however if there is something specific yoiu must specify this, for example borders and images printed on the stationery - never assume anything.


How long do you take to make your order?

Time scales may vary - from the moment your order is confirmed and paid, I ask for up to 14 days to make them... this can be longer or shorter depending on current work loads.  If you have a particular date you need your order by please specify this when ordering otherwise you will be placed in the cue stytem and made in due course.  


Last minute orders for day stationery such as seating plans may be cue hopped to ensure delivery for the big day!


England, Wales & Lowlands/Central Scotland

Samples - £1 - 1st class

Small orders - £6.75 - next day

Medium orders - £8.75 - next day

Large orders - £12.50 - next day


Scottish Highlands

Samples - £1 - 1st class

Small orders - £12.75 - next day

Medium orders - £15.50 - next day

Large orders - £17.95 - next day


Postage is available to other parts of the world, please ask for more details.



Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque

You may also pay by paypal, however paypal fees of 3.4% will be added on :0(  however there are not extra fees with the bank transfer or cheque.



I only accept returns for faulty goods and accessories.

All bespoke stationery is made to order and non-refundable.